Sean Langridge January 7, 2021

The car brand recently revealed its new logo and brand slogan in a world-record-breaking light show in Seoul that rivalled any international New Year’s celebration.

Car brand Kia has unveiled its new logo and brand slogan, the latest in a string of car companies revamping their image for a rapidly changing contemporary market. Displaying a dramatically different typographic approach, shape and new colour scheme, the new logo is far from a brand tweak, but reveals a bravely large step away from its old image.

Kia’s old logo was its word mark in all caps but separate letterforms, its signifying detail being the missing horizontal bar on the ‘A’, which has stayed for the rebrand. The word mark places heavy visual emphasis on the acutely angled ‘K’ and ‘A’ forward slants, and has a new similarly angled chamfer to the top left of the ‘K’ and bottom right of the ‘A’ that mirror each other. While the type is less clearly legible than the old logo, the mark is nonetheless a bolder and more coherent, modern symbol.

The branding also replaces its red, white and black branding with black on white, though it may reveal more colourways in a forthcoming full brand strategy presentation on 15 January. This, and the new typography, aligns the brand more strongly with its parent company Hyundai. However, unlike Hyundai, Kia has removed its oval shaped badge for this rebrand – something the recent rebrands of Nissan, Toyota, BMW, and Vauxhall haven’t done.

Kia also announced its new brand slogan, “Movement that inspires” – replacing its former slogan “Power to surprise” – adding that its “bold transformation and all-new brand purpose… represents [its] ambitions to establish a leadership position in the future mobility industry by revamping nearly all facets of its business”.

Article Source: It’sNiceThat